Learn all about creating GNOME desktop applications

Welcome to GTK Python developer handbook. These docs aim to teach you how to build native GTK applications for GNOME using libraries like GTK, Gio, LibHandy etc..

We assume you already know and can code in python. But we do not assume you have prior experience developing Linux desktop applications in python. We will be going from the absolute zero and try to cover all the steps in detail as to how good, well integrated GNOME desktop applications are made. We currently will not be covering the design piece of it as well.

The current language of choice is Python. We would love to have more guides written in other langauges like Rust/GoLang etc.

This is not a official GNOME project, this is a community maintained gitbook hoping it will ease the journey of new developers who are trying to make their first desktop application. Feel free to suggest modifications on github if you find anything wrong. Thanks!

This project is inspired by the elementary documentation

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